Please have a look through the example case studies below to get an idea of what we do best. 

Our full service process enables us to take on all or any part of a project. We are experienced in managing projects from concept through to commissioning within a wide range of industrial sectors and applications



Project - Pick and Place Loader

Design, manufacture, installation and integration of a pick and place loader and conveyor system to present automotive spings into a heat treatment oven.

Integrating with new and existing systems and plant,  springs were robot loaded onto our conveyors before being transferred, picked and placed into the awaiting oven.

Designed for high production demands requiring robust mechanicals and systems  


Project - Engine block marker

Dual head impact marking system for data and traceability marking of automotive engine blocks. As part of an on-going process development, data is transferred from a host system containing machining and production information and marked on controlled areas of the engine block.

2D matrix and human readable data required accurate fixturing and product control yet allow quick easy and safe product handling by the operator.



Project - Heavy duty conveyors

One of four heavy duty conveyors and handling systems provided for this customer. We have experience transporting small and large components alike, each require a dedicated approach to ensure a robust and reliable system that can accurately transfer and position components for subsequent processes.

Developing handling systems and strategies have allowed us to provide significant shop floor to door time and cost savings for our customers, through improvements in productivity and elimination of handling bottlenecks

Project - Legend plate marking and laminating

A laser marking system for marking human readable and 2d matrix data on automotive legend plates. The system ingrates with customers parts and production data base to ensure traceability with stage sequence checking through the machine.

The machine auto loads, checks orientation and datum's plates before a high accuracy and detailed laser marking sequence is carried out. A clear laminate is then applied and the finished component reloaded into a cassette.

Key requirements for a robust, repeatable and accurate automation process  

The machine produces and handles up to 3000 components per day

Project - Heavy Duty Turntables 80Tonne

3.5M working diameter with a SWL working capacity of  80Tonnes designed and built in house. 

These motorised turntable units support the assembly of  large subsea manifold systems with the primary function of reducing the assembly bottle necks generated by the reliance on overhead cranes.


Project - Product design filter unit

Redesign of a industrial filter unit to provide a more ergonomic and streamline design, using a welded plastic construction.

Not only taking care of the redesign, we provided prototype pre-production units and manufacturing drawing and BOM documentation packs to enable seamless onward transition into production.

Project - Root weld removal

Design and manufacture of production machine following design and creation of a bespoke process to remove and blend the internal root weld of subsea connection systems to remove stress risers in critical components

The machine removes and blends an Inconel weld to tight surface finish tolerances and constraints operating 6 ft down a 5 inch bore of 1.5Tonne components. The machine is designed to accommodate the typical weld issues such as misalignment, deviation from square and contraction of weld where existing process fail to.

CNC control of precision servo driven axis allows accurate and repeatable positioning of tooling and a superior surface finish.

A unique and bespoke process providing a truly innovative solution to a critical production issue. 

We are developing this system for large bore components  



Project - Steam turbine transportation

Design and manufacture of an 11m transport frame to allow transportation of a 100Tonne £10Million steam turbine to a maintenance facility in Europe

Time critical project to maintain power station shut down scheduling.

Our forward thinking design enables use of the frame for multiple component types saving our customer both time and money.